Rockstar Science Teacher Series

Register for ALL FOUR SESSIONS for the low cost of $40 ($20 for members)! That is only $10 per session! You will also gain access to the recordings and resources for all the sessions. 

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PD Certificates will be presented after each session. 

Become a Rockstar Science Teacher by learning strategies and best practices for the New Jersey Science Learning Standards.  In this series of interactive programs you will explore strategies for sensemaking and have a better understanding of the strategies for contemporary science instruction (versus traditional).

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Session 1 on November 29, 2023: Designing Launching Phenomena for the STEM Classroom 

Phenomenon driven instruction requires high interest phenomena that can be continually revisited through a unit. Using Open Sci Ed examples, we will examine anchoring phenomena and alternate phenomena that are the basis for engaging NGSS aligned lessons.

Presented by Dr. Edward Cohen is the Assistant Director at Center for Math Science and Computer Education at Rutgers University.

Session 2 on January 10, 2024: Using the Question Formulation Technique for Driving Question Boards 

How can we build the capacity of all students to ask better questions and drive investigations of scientific phenomena? In this session, learn the Question Formulation Technique (QFT), a simple, powerful strategy to teach students how to ask, work with, and strategically use their own questions with veteran science teacher Nicole Bolduc. Nicole will walk through the QFT process that can enhance educators' NGSS and NGSS storyline curricula. Participants leave with free, open access online resources. Participants are encouraged to attend the second session for a deeper dive into the process with more examples and shared resources. With BONUS Follow-up session on February 7, 2024!

Presented by Nicole Bolduc is an Open-Sci Ed National Facilitator and Middle School Science Teacher. 

Session 3 on March 20, 2024:  Assessing Sensemaking 

This session will discuss ways to assess students in a classroom focused on sensemaking. As many teachers transition away from a classroom model focused solely on content acquisition, they must also consider new ways to assess the growth of their students. This session will discuss assessment design to track both content and skill acquisition in a sensemaking classroom.

Presented by Lauren Pasanek is a Haddonfield Science educator and Maitland P. Simmons Summer Institute Instructor (2021 & 2023)

Session 4 on April 10, 2024: Talk Strategies in the Science Classroom 

Wondering how to plan talk in your classroom? This session will introduce you to variety of strategies to get students talking and working together for a shared purpose.

Presented by Dr. Marisa Castronova is a middle school science teacher, an adjunct professor and an educational researcher for two NSF grants.

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